September 2020 by Noell Yanik

September 2020

In 4 weeks you can drop fat weight, build muscle, say goodbye to your sugar addiction, rewire your hormones, build the confidence you have in yourself, learn how to unwind and relax all while making friends and being supported along the way.

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4 weeks: $200

Why UBC Plus?

Here’s whats provided in your training:
-Support & accountability through group training via our Ambassador led private FB page. 
-12 UBCPlus workouts 
-12, .1 workouts for Moderate to Advanced members
-Cardio Workouts 
-UnbreakableCORE* Ebook for healing diastisis & creating a 360degree tight core
-Modifications for all movement
-Printable 4 week workout calendars so you know what days to do which workouts
-Nutrition Guidelines designed to heal your gut, diminish fat weight, create muscular gains, speed recovery & keep you feeling energized along the way.
-Option to Intermittent Fast or follow our Standard Diet 
-30+ macro appropriate recipes 
-Weekly meal plans that show you exactly what and when to eat. 
-Noell’s Love Your Body Action Plan
-Live Chats and so many more opportunities to learn!

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Equipment Needed

Equipment Needed:
-2 sets of DB’s (likely 15lbs & 25lbs)
-yoga mat
-box jump, step or bench 
-Timer or a timer app on your phone 

*The .1 workouts are Moderate-Advanced, gym focused workouts that require more equipment like barbells, mini bands, med balls, a pull up bar, yoga blocks, sliders and more. 

Meet Noell

“Everyone can feel good in their skin. All you need is the right plan to follow and a guide to support you along the way.”  -Noell Yanik
Noell Yanik is a mom, wife & ISSA Pro Trainer with over 10 years of passion led experience in the wellness industry. Her work has been seen/published in the Huffington Post, Charlotte Observer, Good Morning America, Women’s Health Magazine who also named her as one of the top 5 trainers in the US (2014), and she is currently the Fitness Expert for Fox’s Good Day Charlotte morning program. Most recently she published, Unbreakable Core (c2017), a training program that creates a 360 degree tight core, and has also created the UBCPlus online community and training which is known for major fat weight losses, gut healing, core rehabilitation and having fun while doing it! 

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Jackie Bholi's Story With UnBreakable Core Plus

Words can’t express my gratitude and appreciation for having the opportunity to work with Noell and her Unbreakable Core program. I struggled with regaining strength in my core and losing weight after having two c-sections, and I had a diastasis recti separation of 2 1/2 fingers (separation of the ab muscles). After 4 weeks of training with Noell with her Unbreakable Core program, my diastasis recti repaired to 1 1/4 separation! Amazing!! 

After I completed training, I felt stronger than ever before in an entirely different and deeper way. I was able to do more with my fitness practice than I ever thought I would. Not only was my fitness brought to an entirely higher and deeper level, but Noell has a knack for nutrition. This group helped to tailor my eating habits and daily nutrition in a way that gave my body what it needs to feel my best and to keep my metabolism burning optimally, something that become much more difficult to do after having kids! I even have more energy! Working with Noell and her Unbreakable Core program truly has been life changing; mind, body, and spirit. I’ve been able to take everything Noell has given me from nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, meditation, etc and have been able to continue to make a transformation with my fitness! This is not a quick fix, her program is setting up a foundation for life long healthy habits. I am down in pounds, inches, and body fat percentage, but I have gained so much more! 

*Picture is a before and after pic after just 8 weeks of working with Noell’s Unbreakable Core program.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Working out with Noell took my fitness to a whole new level. Her workouts are custom made and non repetitive, so you truly get the most from each workout. Her style is unique to anything else I've ever experienced. I love the way she combines strength training while focusing on flexibility. My body feels more sculpted and lean than ever before. Her passion for what she does truly shines through. Along with her customized workouts, she provides you with personal nutritional training as well. I have made immense gains in my strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall confidence thanks to Noell. Working out with Noell was such a great experience and I would recommend her program to everyone! 
Noell has certainly achieved excellence in her field. We are lucky to have a trainer of her caliber in Fort Mill! I did her unbreakable core program and loved it so much I decided to go straight into personal training with her from there. If you ever have the opportunity to do unbreakable core I highly recommend it!
Kelly McDade
After having 2 kids and lack of motivation to work out, I realized I had to do something. I wanted to get my "sexy back" and Noell has helped me achieve my goals in a short period of time. I LOVE working out with Noell in her Baxter Studio. Her energizing spirit has kept me motivated and her style of workouts are challenging and exciting. No two sessions have been the same which I love because I'm always learning something new. I never knew that my body could transform so quickly. I have reduced my overall body fat & lost inches but most importantly, I can wear my swimsuit and feel sexy & confident and to me, that's priceless. Noell is such an inspiration and I highly recommend her if you are wanting a better body... she will get you there!

Dear EVERYONE!!!!  Noell is the real deal when it comes to everything fitness and nutrition.  I started with her four months ago and feel amazing! There is still progress to be made, but I feel like I’m on the right track!   If you want to reclaim your body do UBCPlus! 

*The picture here was taken on my first day and the second one was taken 4 weeks later!
Sarah Martin
I did the online 4 week Unbreakable Core program. It was a great jump start to keep me motivated, change up my workouts a bit, and renew my focus on nutrition. The workouts were so easy to incorporate in my day. I highly recommend this program!
Windy Sharp
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